What the heck is this escape room thing anyway?

Growing exponentially in popularity, Escape Rooms are an immersive interactive puzzle room where you bring your friends, family, or co-workers and decode cyphers and solve mysteries to complete a mission. You have 60 minutes to solve a murder, defuse a bomb, perform a heist, cure a disease, etc. You can also go head-to-head with your friends and see who solves the room fastest. Do you have what it takes?

Am I really locked in?

Due to fire code we are unable to physically lock you in the rooms.  However, any member of your party leaving the room before the game is complete will cause the game to be forfeit (meaning your mission is failed and the game is over) unless exceptional circumstances apply.

Will I be in the room with strangers?

Potentially, yes.  You could be joined by one to five other players.  We recommend booking the room privately for an hour if you want control over member selections.  All current missions require a minimum of two players in the room.

Can anyone do the Escape Rooms?

Yes! However, we recommend a minimum age of 14 years old. Players under 18 are not permitted without an accompanying adult age 18+.  Please keep in mind not everyone is child friendly and consider a private booking if you wish to bring children.

Do I have to be physically strong for these rooms?

You will only use your mental and manual dexterity.  There is nothing in our rooms that requires you to climb, lift heavy objects or destroy things to solve the clues. In fact, it is forbidden to climb on props, use force or destroy any of the items.*  Work with your other team members to choose the best player for each task.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Just a good attitude and excitement for the game! We want everyone to have the best experience possible.

I'm afraid to be in small places - is that a problem?

Let’s say our rooms are much larger than your old New York apartment!  If you have concerns we can discuss them further before your booking. Unlike Indie, we won’t be requiring you to crawl through any bug infested tunnels…yet.