Will you accomplish your mission in time?

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Hours Of Operation

Fri. 6pm-10pm
Sat. 12pm - 10pm
Sun. 12pm - 6pm

Zero Provides A Great Experience For:

Team Building

Whether you are part of a large corporation or a small business team, learn who your team leaders are and how everyone performs under pressure.

Friends and Family

Dad talks a big game, but let's see how well he can really do...


See how well you and your significant other can work together to accomplish your mission in under an hour.


Birthday, Corporate Party, Anniversary? We promise you Aunt Meg's Lasagna can't compare with what we have here for your private event.

Private Bookings

Don't feel like sharing the room with people you don't know? No problem... you can book a room specifically for your group

School Groups

Looking to teach some real world, out of the box, teamwork problems to your class? We can help.

What is Zero? Who is Zero?

Zero is an Escape Room experience in Great Falls, Montana totally themed around being a spy agency where YOU are one of the Agents. With each new room, you will help us save the world from tyranny, rescue innocent people, and protect sensitive data. Your field skills will be put to the test in each of the following categories:


Move quickly and silently. You're a ghost. You were never here and no one saw you.

Was it the candlestick in the library?

Great Agents can see past what is there to find important clues in their environment to help them complete their objectives. If you possess these skills too you will complete your mission and escape in time!

Start with the corners first...

The challenges you will be up against may require mental or manual dexterity...know your strengths and seek assistance from other agents on your team for those which are not!

Sometimes two heads are better than one - unless they are butting against each other! Keep your cool and work together with other agents to help you succeed and solve your missions.

MISSION I: The Abstrusus

Our best field operative has gone off the grid. You and your fellow agents must follow the clues she has left you and pick up where she left off.  But where she had weeks to plan, you have mere minutes. 60 to be exact. Good luck.

  • Time Limit: 60 min.
  • Groups of 2-6 players.

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This is what we know...




Billion people depending on you.


Everything you are about to experience has been planned to test you and your abilities.

What Are Other Agents Saying?

Some have succeeded and others have not, but all have experienced what you are about to.


Complete your mission with friends or other random operatives or reserve the experience for just your team.

$20per person


  • •60 Minutes
  • . Parties may be up to 6 people. When booking individually you may be included in a shared party group. More people = More fun! If that is not your style
  • you may privately book a mission.
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$100Group of up to 6 Individuals

Private Reservation

  • 60 Minutes
  • Reserve the room for just the two of you or up to six players.
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Corporate (Please Contact Us For Pricing)

  • 60 minutes
  • Discounted group pricing based on group size and quantity.
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Will you answer the call, Agent?

If you need more convincing, reach out to us via one of the methods below.

200 Central Avenue Suite E, Great Falls, MT 59401